2021 Cupsaw Lake Beach Club Executive Board Nominations

Cupsaw Lake Beach Club Executive Board is now accepting nominations for 2021 for the following positions:

  • Vice President
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Recording Secretary
  • Registrar

Email your nomination to: cupsawbeachclub@gmail.com.

Nominations will be accepted through December 11, 2020.

The Executive Board position vote will occur online on December 12.

Open Beach Club Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities:

Vice President:

  • Manage volunteers for Fab Fridays as well as oversee all summer jobs.
  • Manage coordinators and chairs by overseeing roles and responsibilities for both adult and child events
  • Manage the end of summer events including getting DJ and cake for the award ceremony
  • Work with the summer program director, head guard, and the chairperson of Cupsaw Weekend to ensure schedules, volunteers, and supplies are in order prior to and during Cupsaw Weekend.
  • In the event of the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside at all general meetings and at all executive board meetings.

Corresponding Secretary:

  • Design and send weekly blasts throughout the entire summer program; as needed throughout the rest of the year
  • Ensure Facebook is up to date including Facebook events
  • Maintain active database
  • Coordinate with sign chairpeople (2) to ensure events are up to date
  • Send events and pertinent information to CLIA Secretary for blast
  • Master Calendar
  • Create counselor application through Google form
  • Compile applications and make spreadsheet
  • Ensure interview questions are printed and coordinate interview session
  • Send reminders for upcoming meetings
  • Create and send/post flyers for all events
  • Respond to emails pertaining to meetings and general questions about events
  • Attend all BC sponsored events

Recording Secretary:

  • Attend all meetings, take minutes and record actions
  • Distribute minutes after all meetings
  • Maintain minutes and notes


  • Manage Community Pass
  • Plan swim, diving, arts & crafts, and sports schedule
  • Work with Summer Program Director to assign counselors to each lesson
  • Ensure information for Counselor binders is up to date on shared drive
  • Schedule email with child’s schedule to be sent
  • Respond to emails pertaining to summer schedule
  • Assign kids to lesson times
  • Be visible leadership during Cupsaw Weekend
  • Create volunteer list for each event from CP to be sent to chairperson and Board Member liaison AT LEAST one month prior to event
  • Work with Board Member liaison to ensure chairperson contacts volunteers to let them know expectations AT LEAST one month prior to event
  • Create & send out survey within 24 hours of event- collect responses within a week
  • Attend all meetings, general and executive
  • Work with VP to maintain list of liaisons for committees

Cupsaw Celebration this Weekend

We are celebrating our 76th year this weekend We know how much Cupsaw Lake means to you and how special Cupsaw Weekend is for everyone. With the pandemic still in full swing, we did our best to bring some of that ‘specialness’ while ensuring we can enjoy it socially-distanced.

Pre-registration Required for All Activities!


Cupsaw Celebration will kick of Saturday morning with:

9:30 Adult Swim

11:00 Kayak

12:30 Free Throw

2:00 3vs3 Adult Volleyball


Then, continues on Sunday with:

9:00 Yoga

10:00 Bocce

12:00 3vs3 High School Volleyball

2:00 Sailing Regatta


The Rules

Everything has rules. Please read them all.


General Rules

All Social Distancing rules apply

Only current CLIA members may participate

No trophies or medals will be handed out

Members must stay 6 feet apart or wear a mask

No food will be served Saturday or Sunday

Preregistration required – BY FRIDAY @ 5:00pm

If you are not signed up online, you will not be able to participate, no exceptions!

Adult Swim

All Swimmers need a one to one boater

Starting times will be staggered to allow social distancing

Swimmers waiting to start will be spaced out on the bridge and the grass while waiting

No food (watermelon), no awards

Boaters must have a mask with them in case they need it


Kayak Race

The number of boaters will be limited in each heat

Distance will differ depending on age


Free Throw

If needed, kids will have time slots to go to the courts to maintain distancing

There will be waiting spots marked off 6 feet apart on the courts

All four rims will be used to limit the waiting time and to allow social distancing

No spectators on the courts or gathering by the fence


3v3 Volleyball Tournament (Adults and Teens separate)

Single elimination Format

Limit games to Rally Scoring to 11

No Guests on the teams, only Cupsaw members

Draw the seeding from a hat

No spectators on the courts or by the fences


Outdoor Yoga

Socially distanced

No breakfast after



Five throws, closest to the pallino wins

No spectators watching. Please throw and then leave the area

Equipment will be wiped down

Fab Friday, July 24



Fab Friday, July 24 – Empanadas

Meal includes 2 empanadas, rice and fried plantains – $8.00.

Choose from beef, chicken or cheese

Add on an additional empanada to your meal for only $1.00!


Pre-order and pre-pay by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, July 22.


Prepay via:

Venmo: @CLBeachClub

Check: Sharon’s mailbox at 96 Carletondale Road

Order Here


If payment is not received by specified time, your order will not be placed.


Everything will be prepared by our empanada vendor and packaged by Beach Club volunteers.



We’re looking for volunteers to help this Fab Friday,

between 5:30-7:30pm



Sign Up


Fab Friday – July 17

Picnic Table to Celebrate 4th of July

Fab Friday, July 17 – Barbecue
Food prepared by Maggie’s
Adult Meals
- 1 Hamburger, 1 Hot Dog + Fries – $13
- 1 Cheeseburger, 1 Hot Dog + Fries – $13
- BBQ Platter with Chicken and Ribs + Fries – $13
Child Meals
- Hamburger + Fries – $8
- Cheeseburger + Fries – $8
- Hot Dog + Fries – $8
Pre-order and pre-payment by 3:00pm, Wednesday, July 15.
Pay with Venmo: @CLBeachClub
Check: Sharon’s mailbox, 96 Carletondale Road
- Choose a time slot to pick up your food outside the clubhouse. There are 5 pick-up windows: 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00.
- Then, select the total quantity of your order, your contact info and select quantity of each TYPE of meal.
- For example, if you are buying 4 for 6:00pm, you will select the 6:00 time slot, then select the appropriate meals.

CANCELED!: Fab Friday – July 10

Spaghetti & Meatballs


Unfortunately, we’re canceling Italian Night for this Friday. Thank you to all who signed up in advance. If you paid by check, it will be shredded. If you paid via Venmo, you’ll receive a refund in the next 2 days. There will not be any food served this Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Questions?: mensaa@cupsawlake.org

Warmer weather is approaching

The nice weather is coming and we will soon be enjoying the true beauty of Cupsaw Lake.

The grounds of Cupsaw Lake are open. While you may be contemplating heading to the lake, please, if you have been in contact with anyone who has shown signs of illness, or if you are sick or have a fever stay at home. There will be many more days to enjoy the lake throughout the year. Should you venture onto Cupsaw grounds, keep in mind that you should stay a minimum of 6 feet from others and you should consider wearing a face covering.

As a reminder, only current 2020 members of CLIA and their guests are allowed on CLIA property. If you aren’t a member, we’d love for you to join. Or, if you aren’t sure your membership is current email Treasurer@cupsawlake.org to confirm your membership. To join, email MembershipCommittee@CupsawLake.org.

Security guards will be on the grounds to ensure everyone safely enjoys the outdoors, and may be confirming membership. Please know they are there for you and to keep our grounds safe. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to the CLIA board, email communications@cupsawlake.org.

The board has scheduled the General Membership Meeting for June 3, 2020 at 7:30pm either in-person or via Zoom. More details to come. Also, your 2020 badges will be available very soon.

Lastly, here are some helpful resources:


Thank you,

CLIA Board