Important CLIA Changes

We will be having a special meeting on December 5th at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse. Membership will be voting on the below changes to the Constitution, proposed slate of officers as well as the updates to our by-laws outlined in file link below. Please review and attend!

By-Law Changes >

Constitution Changes


The Governing Board shall consist of:

- President
Vice President – Administration
- Vice President
- Ground and Facilities
- Vice President –Recreational Programs
- Recording Secretary
- Corresponding Secretary
- Treasurer – Assistant Treasurer
Turtle Island Sheriff
Ten Membership Representatives
- Non-Elected voting members (detailed below)
- Non-Voting members (detailed below)

[article continues unchanged past this point]

Proposed Slate

Position 2018 Nominee
President Peter Martin
VP – Administration Candy Urbanski
VP – Grounds & Facilities Joe Politano
VP – Recreational Programs Wendy Rothlauf & Denise Scutti
Recording Secretary Paul Rothlauf
Corresponding Secretary Ryan Bolton
Treasurer Dennis Keenan
Assistant Treasurer TBD
Member Rep 1 Jason Setti
Member Rep 2 Jim Finn
Member Rep 3 Bobby Buhowski
Member Rep 4 Tim Powers
Member Rep 5 Kyle Lanou
Member Rep 6 Sharon Vidal
Member Rep 7 Tom Conway
Member Rep 8 James King
Member Rep 9 Brian Bozan
Member Rep 10 TBD

As you can see, t
he CLIA Board is still looking for a few good men and women to step up and get more involved. If you are interested in any of the below, please contact Peter Martin or 973-291-4191.

Assistant Treasurer
This person will be active in the finance committee and shall assist the Treasurer in areas such as payroll, accounts receivable, compiling membership packets, annual invoicing, paying bills and communicating with membership for finance reasons.

Membership District Representatives
There are 10 in total each is tasked to manage membership for a geographic area as outlined on the CLIA district map. You will be active with the membership committee and tasked to achieve membership growth, promote the Cupsaw community to non-members and new residents, assist with new membership applications, dispersal of membership packets and answering general membership questions.