Cupsaw Lifeguards for 2017

We’re happy to announce the lifeguard staff at Cupsaw Lake for 2017:

Maggie Leenas, Molly Leenas, Nick Selleroli, Ryan Selleroli, Danny Seigel, Connor Boorse, Taylor Boorse, Christian Vignola, Mike Wilson, Katy Renton, Sam Biss, Bryana Cielo, Nick Yuhas, Nikita Wilbur, Christine Fili, Daphne Leenas, Maddie Burgner, Krista Maher, Nora McDonagh, Casey Selleroli, Jacob Martin, Hayley Wright, Peter Budzilovich


Welcome Summer of 2017!

We begin another season at our beautiful lake with swimming, boating, fishing, sports, and relaxation. Our swim program, lifeguards, snack stand, and recreational activities are in full swing. Our sub-groups have been working to complete improvements such as a newly painted clubhouse, renovated men’s bathroom, new water fountain, plantings, rain garden, and much more. Our wish is that you take time to enjoy all Cupsaw Lake has to offer.

Your Presidents,

Denise Scutti & Joe Politano

Cupsaw Lake Stewardship June 2017

The Cupsaw Environmental Committee works hard to make Cupsaw the best lake it can be. Here are just some of the efforts this group has undertaken:

  1. Goose Management-
    1. Kayak chases early in the morning to discourage geese
    2. Goose patrol to clean up after the occasional goose visitor in Spring
    3. Solar powered blinker light at lanes to discourage bedding down at night
    4. Back up USDA contract for removal, as a last resort. (Hasn’t been needed)
  2. Weed Management-
    1. Herbicide treatments in April and May
    2. “Weed rope” beyond the 3rd dock to catch dying weeds
    3. Canoe pick up of floating weeds around weed ropes and lanes
    4. Herbicide booster in June in shallow areas
  3. Algae Management-
    1. Aeration system to reduce internal phosphorus release
    2. Alum treatments in May and June to drop out nutrients (2016 & 2017)
    3. Canoe pick up of floating filamentous algae in swim areas
    4. Introduction of beneficial bacteria (June 2017)
    5. Copper Sulphate treatments in July and August as necessary
  4. Watershed Management
    1. Rain Garden (by Boy Scouts) near Volleyball court to slow erosion from courts
    2. Encouragement to pump septics regularly
    3. Encouragement to use lawn fertilizer sparingly
  5. Water Circulation
    1. Ensuring paddle wheel operation which is key to beach water quality
    2. Use of water movers near lanes and in deep cove areas
  6. Lake Testing and logging
    1. Weekly State testing for coliform count (always way below criteria)
    2. Monthly testing for algae presence by our aeration company
    3. Periodic testing by our own committee in our own lab
    4. Near daily testing and logging Secchi depth, temp, and goose sightings
    5. Four years of data logging to verify results of lake treatment measures
  7. Meetings and Outreach
    1. Monthly Environmental Committee Meetings
    2. Meetings with Erskine and Skyline environmental committees every other month
    3. Participation at NJ Coalition of Lake Assn’s meetings (4 times annually)
    4. Member of board of directors of NJ Coalition of Lake Assn’s

As a result of these efforts:

  1. Our State testing of beach water is regularly <10 for coliform, <200 is the requirement
  2. Our Secchi disk clarity has been improving year to year for 4 years
  3. Our lake swimmers and sailors have had fewer weeds to contend with
  4. We no longer contend with goose droppings on our beach

However, we can’t get too confident; we are dealing with nature. It is a lake, we will have weeds and algae, but we need to keep up with our best efforts.

Turtle Island Update

It’s that time of year again to get Turtle Island cleaned up and ready for the 2017 Season.  In April, the Turtle Island committee will conduct a full inventory of all the boats on the Island and the corresponding slip they are located in.  We will also assess the current space on the Island and do our best to add additional slips to accommodate more members who would like a boat slip. 

Please make sure your boats are properly tagged with your 2016 Turtle Island boat tag and your boat registration sticker that was issued when you first registered your boat with CLIA.  Boats without the proper documentation, will be removed from the Island.  Thanks for your help and your patience while we prepare for the upcoming season. 

2017 Member Dues Online Payment

Paying online allows you to choose how fast you pay off your annual dues. Use any credit card or PayPal for a fast, safe, and secure transaction. If you don’t have a PayPal account, and you don’t want to open one, you can still click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link instead of signing in when you land on Paypal and then use your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest.

WCF is a Web Convenience Fee (to offset the cost of accepting credit cards) that applies to each transaction as noted below and will automatically be added to your cart. 

Please note that due to the way PayPal charges fees, when combining multiple items you may wind up paying more than is actually due by a small amount.  In these cases, we must treat the overage as a small donation, rather than cut return checks for less a dollar, etc.  Hopefully you agree that the convenience of online payment is worth it!

Note: Dues were due on 3/31/17.  The $50 late fee has been added to all renewal memberships.


Homeowner Family Membership: $569.00 + $17.30 WCF
Homeowner Senior Membership*: $335.50 + $10.33 WCF
Rental Family Membership: $605.00 + $18.38 WCF
Rental Senior Membership*: $356.00 + $10.94 WCF
* Senior memberships are discounted and include only 2 badges. If more badges are needed for other household members they can be added below at $25 each.  Member must be at least 65 years old; new senior members must provide proof of age.

New Memberships

New Membership Initiation Fee: $500.00 + $15.24 WCF
*Applies to Homeowner Memberships only.  This lifetime fee is a one-time charge; does not apply to returning past members.

Extra Badges for Senior members

Senior’s Extra Badge: $25.00 + $1.06 WCF

Boat Tags

Boat Registration Tag Fee: $10.00 + $0.61 WCF
Replacement Boat Tag Fee: $10.00 + $0.61 WCF
Turtle Island Perimeter Slip (Type A): $35.00 + $1.35 WCF
Turtle Island Interior Slip (Type B,C,D,E) Kayak Racks (Type F & G) or South Dock: $25.00 + $1.06 WCF


Tennis Court Key (Annual court maintenance fee): $25.00 + $1.06 WCF

Donations to Support the Lake

CLIA Donation: $25.00
CLIA Donation: $50.00
CLIA Donation: $75.00
CLIA Donation: $100.00


If you decide to pay by check then make it payable to Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association and mail to:

Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association
P.O. Box 205
Ringwood, NJ 07456-0205

CLIA Environmental Committee Update – Feb 2017

The CLIA Environmental Committee is working to ensure and improve Lake water quality. Last year we continued our: aeration program, lake treatment services (herbicides, algaecides, and alum), and our goose management program.  We added two new circulators in the deep end coves.  We set up a lab to do additional water testing, with a focus on our nine inlets.  We also installed a Rain Garden by the Volleyball Court through the efforts of our local Boy Scouts as part of an Eagle Scout project.  This Rain Garden diverts the runoff from the basketball courts and filters it with native species plants.

This year we plan two other key projects.  We are going to remove the silt from the sediment pond across the street from the northeast corner of the lake.  This will reduce the nutrients that flow into the lake from that stream during rain storms.  We are planning to add Muck Digester Pellets (MD Pellets) in our lake treatment regimen.  In combination with our aeration, these pellets provide beneficial bacteria and enzymes to speed up the process of muck dissipation.

We ask all our residents to help us by continuing good septic maintenance practices, minimizing the use of lawn fertilizers, keeping debris away from storm drains, and considering your own use of rain barrels and rain gardens.  (Google: rain gardens)

Thanks for your help and cooperation.