2019 Kids’ Triathlon Route

Kids’ Triathlon

Swim/Bike/Run Distances:

5/6 year old:               Swim to rope in shallow end; Bike 2 laps around the parking lot circle; Run 1 lap.

7/8 year old:               25 meter swim, Bike 1 mile; Run ½ mile.

9/10 year old:            50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run ½ mile.

11/12 year old:          50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run 1 mile.

13/14 year old:          100 meter swim, Bike 3 miles; Run 1 mile.



  • LEFT out of the Cupsaw Lake parking lot
  • RIGHT on Duffy
  • RIGHT on Kraft Place (*1/2 mile runners will turn around at intersection of Kraft & Walker)
  • LEFT on Hare and continue LEFT on Walker Drive
  • RIGHT on Kraft
  • LEFT on Duffy
  • LEFT on Cupsaw
  • RIGHT into Cupsaw Lake parking lot


** Each 1-mile loop is the entire loop as shown in the image. The kids come into the parking lot to turn around for the next loop (2 miles=2 loops, 3 miles=3 loops)**

**The ½ mile loop turns around at the corner of Walker & Kraft, shortly after turning onto Kraft. It will be clearly marked**