2019 Cupsaw Weekend Itinerary

Fab Friday – August 2

6:00 Fab Friday – Polish Night

6:30 Big Splash & Little Splash Contest

Saturday – August 3

9:00 Adult Lake Swim

11:00 Bake-off Drop off in Kitchen

11:00 Kids’ Triathlon

12:30 Lunch for Sale. 6ft hoagie and chips

1:30 Sand Games (Sack Race, Egg Toss, Cookie Eating)

3:00 Judging of the Bake-Off

3:00 Diving

4:00 Swim Races (Family Relay, Friends Relay, True Kickboarders and Counselor vs Guard Relay)

6:00 Adult Volleyball Tournament (entering college and older)

6:00 Awards for all of the Day’s events

Sunday – August 4

9:00 Yoga and Breakfast

10:00 Kids’ Lake Swim

10:00 Bocce Contest – Closest to the pallino ball on the bocce green

11:30 Kayak and Paddleboard Races

12:00 Horseshoe Competition.  Categories for all ages.  Free hot dogs if you participate.

12:30 Kids’ Newcombe Tournament

12:30 Adult Titan Pong Tournament

12:45 Free Throw Contest

2:00 Sailing Regatta

2:00 Home Run Derby (Categories for all ages)

6:00 Teen Volleyball Tournament

10th Annual Kids’ Triathlon

Saturday, August 3rd @ 11:00am

Open to CLIA members ages 5 to 14

Sign up at the Lake by Friday, August2nd


Swim/Bike/Run Distances:

5/6 year old:          Swim to rope in shallow end; Bike 2 laps around parking lot circle; Run 1 lap.

7/8 year old:          25 meter swim, Bike 1 mile; Run ½ mile.

9/10 year old:        50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run ½ mile.

11/12 year old:      50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run 1 mile.

13/14 year old:      100 meter swim, Bike 3 miles; Run 1 mile.



  • ALL participants must wear a bike helmet on the course, including adults. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All 7/8 years old participants must have an adult accompany them on the bike and run.
  • All participants must be at the lake at 10:00am to pick up their number, set up their bikes and get race instructions. Race will start at 11:00am sharp!


Volunteers are needed. Please contact Tricia Siegel (201) 906-9073 or triciasiegel31@gmail.com if you can help, or if you have any questions.

2019 Kids’ Triathlon Route

Kids’ Triathlon

Swim/Bike/Run Distances:

5/6 year old:               Swim to rope in shallow end; Bike 2 laps around the parking lot circle; Run 1 lap.

7/8 year old:               25 meter swim, Bike 1 mile; Run ½ mile.

9/10 year old:            50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run ½ mile.

11/12 year old:          50 meter swim, Bike 2 miles; Run 1 mile.

13/14 year old:          100 meter swim, Bike 3 miles; Run 1 mile.



  • LEFT out of the Cupsaw Lake parking lot
  • RIGHT on Duffy
  • RIGHT on Kraft Place (*1/2 mile runners will turn around at intersection of Kraft & Walker)
  • LEFT on Hare and continue LEFT on Walker Drive
  • RIGHT on Kraft
  • LEFT on Duffy
  • LEFT on Cupsaw
  • RIGHT into Cupsaw Lake parking lot


** Each 1-mile loop is the entire loop as shown in the image. The kids come into the parking lot to turn around for the next loop (2 miles=2 loops, 3 miles=3 loops)**

**The ½ mile loop turns around at the corner of Walker & Kraft, shortly after turning onto Kraft. It will be clearly marked**

2019 Cupsaw Weekend Lake Swim

Lake Swim Requirements

1. All Swimmers, adult or child, must have their own boater for the entire swim. 

2. All boaters for the adult swim must be 13 years of age or older.

3. All boaters for the kid’s swim must be 18 years of age or older, or be lifeguard certified.

4. If you do not have a boater, please ask around, check the boater volunteer sheet at the lake, or contact Triciasiegel31@gmail.com.

5. All swimmers 13 and under must pass a swim test to the buoy. 

  • Kids who take morning swim lessons will take the buoy test in class. If your child misses the buoy swim or is not in morning lessons, they must attend a testing time. Please ask your child if they have passed the test.
  • To sign up for the buoy swim, please email Katherine clbcprogramdirector@gmail.com. Swim test times outside of morning lessons are as follows:
  • Saturday July 27th, 9:30am
  • Monday July 29th, 5:00pm
  • Thursday August 1st, 5:00pm


Cupsaw Weekend Details

Cupsaw Weekend

Get ready for the best weekend of the summer. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 2-4.

Remember guests are welcome, but all activities can only be won by Cupsaw Lake Members.

Here are details for some of the events happening during the weekend. Sign-up sheets will be at the lake.

Adult Titan Pong Tournament: Sunday. Form your team of 2.

Adult Volleyball: Starts Saturday at 6:00pm. Please form teams with a minimum of 6 players prior to Saturday night. All teams must have at least 2 women. Teams may not have any more than two non-Cupsaw Lake members. All players must be college age and older.

Bake-off Contest: Adult and child categories. Drop off your properly-labeled entry in clubhouse kitchen by 11:00am Saturday. If your item needs to be refrigerated, please leave a note that your item is in the refrigerator. Judging takes place at 3:00pm.

Big Splash/Little Splash: Starts Friday at 6:30pm. Open to both kids and adults. Let’s see who can make the biggest and littlest splash

Bocce Contest: Sunday. Closest to the pallino ball on the bocce green

Free Throw Contest and Homerun Derby: Sunday afternoon. For all ages.

Horseshoe Competition: Sunday at Noon. Categories for all ages. Free hotdogs if you participate. 

Kayak and Paddleboard Races: Sunday. Kid and adult courses. 

Kids Triathlon: Sign up at the lake by Friday at 8:00pm. Kids must be at the lake by 10:00am Saturday to register. Race starts at 11:00am. The 5 and 6-year old participants do not leave the Cupsaw property. Our 7 and 8-year old participants must have a responsible adult on the course with them. All participants must have a shirt to wear during the race to pin their number. There will be adults along the course to help the kids if they need it. All riders, including adults must wear helmets. Please let Tricia triciasiegel31@gmail.com know if you are available to help. The Kid’s Triathlon is only open to Cupsaw Lake members.

Lake Swim: Both the adults (Saturday at 9:00am) and kids (Sunday at 10:00am) swim from the dam on the far side of the lake to the diving boards. Every adult and child must have someone boating alongside them, regardless of your swimming ability. Kids are required to pass a swim to buoy prior to Saturday, Aug 3.

Sand Games, Swimming and Diving: All Cupsaw Lake members (adults and kids) are encouraged to participate in all the events. Guests are welcome to participate but will not be considered a winner. Swim races include a kickboard race for the little ones, family relay, friends relay and counselor/guard relay.

Teen Volleyball and Kid’s Newcombe Tournaments: Volleyball teams should have 6-7 players. Newcombe teams should have 9 players. Teens must be entering 8th grade, and no older than an incoming high school Senior. Only one non-Cupsaw Lake member is allowed per team. Newcombe players must be entering 7th grade or younger.