Tennis Club Rules


The following are the rules and regulations for the Cupsaw Lake Tennis Court.

  1. No street shoes are allowed.
    Only tennis shoes may be used in play.

  2. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis only.
    NO bicycles, skates, skateboards, rollerblades,
    scooters, hockey or other activities permitted.

  3. No pets or glass containers are allowed on courts.

  4. No private instruction and/or classes are allowed without
    approval of the Board of Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association.

  5. Non-players must stay out of the court area at all times.

  6. Sitting, pushing or pulling on tennis nets is prohibited.

  7. Climbing on, hitting or kicking balls into, or running
    into fences is prohibited.

  8. Gates shall be closed at all times.

  9. Do not leave any trash, old balls or containers.
    Discard in a receptacle or take it home.

  10. Please clear water off court with rollers prior to playing.

  11. All tennis court rules, regulations and courtesies shall be observed

  12. All courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    During high volume times you may have to go to the clubhouse to reserve court time.

  13. One hour time limit if a member is waiting for a court.
    Court time starts on the hour.

  14. Member is allowed one guest for singles or three for doubles play.



NoteNo rules can cover every eventuality.

Therefore CLIA hopes that you will observe the spirit of the regulations so that as many member players as possible may enjoy the facility and leave it in a clean state. Any violation of the tennis court rules may result in the denial of access to the courts.

Casual users: An entry key may be borrowed at the clubhouse. You must sign it out, but must leave your membership badge. A $50 fee will be charge to the member, if the key is lost or not returned.

Tennis Club Members: A $25 annual fee is charged for a personal entry key. To receive a personal key, please fill in this form and return it to George Dean at the clubhouse or deliver it to 173 Skylands Road. Call George at 973 962 6673, if you have any questions.


Name ______________________________________________

Phone # ___________________________


Address _______________________________

Email __________________Key#____________________



(Key must be surrendered if you terminate CLIA membership or membership in the tennis club)  DRAFT 7-10-10