General Membership Meeting

Our Fall General Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 9/22 at 7pm at the Clubhouse.  Come down and get involved in your lake!  Cupsaw only works when its member families chip in and participate!

This year, we will be voting on changes to our Constitution and By-Laws related to a new Vice President position.  Additional updates to the By-Laws to reflect allowed changes by the Governing Board are also noted in the document below.

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All members must have a 2015 CLIA boat tag AND the CLIA Boat ID # Tag affixed to their boat(s). In addition, boats on Turtle Island and South Dock must have the turtle sticker affixed to their boat(s). Any boats found on CLIA property without these tags will be removed and locked in boat jail. If you need a boat tag, please contact

See image for proper tag placement:

Boat Sticker Example

Boat in image used only as example

We have been receiving emails that some members’ boats have been damaged and stolen from Turtle Island. Please remind your children/teens that Turtle Island is not a playground and that the boats are property of other CLIA members. Anyone caught destroying/stealing personal property will face severe penalties and will have Ringwood Police notified. As a community, the best ears and eyes are yours, so if you see anything/anyone suspicious on Turtle Island or other CLIA property, please call Ringwood Police at 973-962-7017 and notify any of the CLIA board members.

Members with boats on Turtle Island and South Dock;  please be reminded that you are responsible for securing and safeguarding your property when it is stored/located on CLIA property. Please make sure your boat(s) are chained and locked to the solid wood racks/poles and please check on your vessels often. CLIA is not responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost personal property.

Boats left on CLIA property that have not been assigned a spot by the sheriff will be removed and locked in boat jail. The grassy area along the shoreline looking toward the west shore is only a temporary resting spot for members paddling their boat(s) to the clubhouse/beach area. Those boats must be paddled/taken back home the same/next day.

Cupsaw Sailing Club 2015

The Cupsaw Sailing Club has races every other Sunday at 2pm starting June 28th.

• 6/28
• 7/12
• 7/26
• 8/2 (Cupsaw Weekend)
• 8/16
• 8/30
• 9/13

All sailors are welcome! If you are interested, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. We often have an extra boat or two for new sailors. For more information please reach out to Tom Conway at