We Need Your Help

The Cupsaw Environmental Committee is asking our CLIA members to help us with the next step in improving Cupsaw’s water quality.

In the past few years we have taken measures to reduce the nutrients in our lake, particularly phosphorus but also Nitrogen. These nutrients promote weed and algae growth and reduce the overall water clarity. Our aeration system is designed to bind sediment phosphorus so it doesn’t get released. We’ve hydro-raked numerous shorelines to remove nutrient-laden silt, and we’ve deterred geese from our lake and we no longer have goose dropping in the beach area. We’ve also been taking daily and monthly measurements to ensure the positive effect of these actions. Now we need your help.

Please, if you haven’t pumped your septic in the past 2 or 3 years we’d like you to pump it this spring, when we get a lot of runoff. If your neighbor is not a CLIA member, ask them to help as well.

We will be measuring the response to this campaign in terms of water clarity and the number of pump-outs. Cupsaw averages 170 septic permits per year which means approximately 50% of our area residents follow the three year minimum recommendation. There is room for improvement.

One of the major contributors to poor quality of a lake is overburdened septic systems. Phosphorus is delivered to the lake in sub-surface groundwater. Sub-surface sewage disposal systems are hampered from operating properly by high ground water and poor soil percolation. Sub-surface disposal systems actually cease to operate during the wet season when the system is actually flooded. In addition, regular pumping saves money by increasing the life of the septic field.

Please be part of this “lake renewal” experiment and help make Cupsaw the best lake it can be. We are counting on you.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

St Patricks Day 2015

St Patick's at Cupsaw -March 14 2015 -Tickets On Sale Now

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St. Patrick’s Day Tickets

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1 Table of Ten for St Pats – March 14, 2015: $280.00 + $8.67 WCF


Rental Manager Needed

Cupsaw Lake is in need of a volunteer to take over as our clubhouse rental manager. This is an extremely important position that puts you at the center of things in our community. If you are organized, thorough, responsible, like meeting new people, and have some time to give back to your community, please contact Bob Buhowski President@CupsawLake.org for more info.